Tight Pants' Songs For The Weekend (10/6)

Feelin' mooooody this week, and I've got some moody songs for the weekend. But also some feel good and positive songs too!

 It's been a crazy week after the Las Vegas tragedy and before you jump into the music I want to share this:


My friends over at The Bobby Bones Show are raising money for victims of the Las Vegas shooting with these love>hate t-shirts. If you want to help, but don't know how or the best way...get yourself a t-shirt or two! bobbybones.com

TP Weekend

Nicole Millar - Blindfolded

One cool thing about my job is that my inbox gets filled with music...and sometimes it's amazing music from an artist that I've never heard before; it's kind of like Christmas. That was the case with this new song from Nicole Millar! She hails from Australia, and this weekend I plan to check out her other work too CUZ SHE DOPE!


Chase Atlantic - Consume (ft. Goon Des Garcons)

I read a comment that said "If The 1975 and The Weeknd had a baby" which is pretty accurate! I feel like Chase Atlantic is part of this new wave of Indie/Alternative/R&B and I like it a lot! They just released their debut self-titled album, and it was hard to pick which song to feature! 

P.S. Like Nicole Millar, Chase Atlantic are also Aussies. Australia coming in clutch this week.


Rusty Hook - Relief (ft. Truitt)

Rusty Hook is french producer and member of the group Slow Hours. I'm not sure if this is quite as dramatic as Zayn leaving 1D, but he proved that he is perfectly capable of going solo! He recruited my friends Truitt to lend their beautiful voices on his latest solo track.


BRKLYN - I'm on Somethin' (ft. Jocelyn Alice)

Back in the day, I had a daily mixshow and I used to play BRKLYN a lot! Still a huge fan, and loving this new song featuring Jocelyn Alice...obviously.



If any K-Pop artist successfully crosses over to the US Mainstream it will be these guys. Actually, I think they already have! And I'm not counting Gagnam Style...because lets be honest, nobody really liked that song. BTS won Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Their latest album Love Yourself: Her Debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 and DNA is currently in the Billboard Hot 100 and climbing the chart


Thanks for checking out this weekends playlist! 

Need more? Click below for music from last weekend.

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