Tight Pants' Songs For The Weekend (10/13)

Homies...homies everywhere! The internet is a cool place where you can meet some cool people, and I'm excited that this weekends playlist mostly features some cool people I've met thanks to Twitter.com (not a dating site). It also includes some BIG names that you've most likely heard before...


TP Weekend 10-13

Cheat Codes - Feels Great ft. Fetty Wap & CVBZ

We can ask them to confirm, but I'm pretty sure I was the first person to ever play Cheat Codes on the radio...and I'm talking waaay before No Promises with Demi Lovato. They're manager sent me their music and I was immediately on board! Fast forward a couple years, they had just signed with 300 Entertainment (same label as Fetty Wap) and I asked if they'd do a collab...fast foward another year (and a week) and here we are! Feels Great also features CVBZ who I've featured in past mixshows, and you should definitely check out his other work!


Sam F & TastyTreat - Wavy ft. Sophie Rose

Do you remember The Lonely Island EDM masterpiece When Will The Bass Drop ft. Lil Jon?! If not...refresh yourself here. Alright, now that your brain has exploded, you need to know that Sam F is the guy who produced that epic song! Yes. He is Davvincii's ghost producer! Teaming up with TastyTreat and Sophie Rose for this Wavy track.


Brooks Brown - Mistakes

KC born and raised and now living in LA, 19-yr-old Brooks Brown needs to be on your radar. A few years ago I saw a feature about a 'Kansas teen' on YourEDM and being from Kansas, I had to check it out. I was blown away. He's consistently been putting out amazing and unique music, and I still can't believe how young he is. I'm proud to know him and be from the same state as him, because he's going to be massive.


Louis Tomlinson - Just Like You

No shame! I'm a Directioner through and through. I've actually been enjoying the One Direction hiatus more than I thought because it just means more music, and more mature music! I've been a fan of everything the 1D boys have been release. Still excited for a reunion though.


Dillon Francis - Hello There ft. Yung Pinch

Dillon Francis has been one of my favorites since I got into electronic music and djing. Not only becaus his music is great, but because unlike most djs/producers he doesn't take everything so seriously. BTW if you don't follow him on snapchat/IG...you're missing out on the best free entertainment this world has to over. You're welcome.


Repeat, repeat, repeat! That's the point of the playlist. But if you need more...check out my playlist from last weekend

Click below and get lit.

TP Weekend (10/6)
Tight Pants

Tight Pants

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