Tight Pants Ninja Competition - Apex Climbing Gym (KC)

I can't say this competition went fantastic, but I do love Kansas City, I have a lot of friends in KC, and I got to see a lot of friends from across the Midwest who traveled to compete. So, it was a nice reunion and I had a great weekend! 

I ended up getting 25th (out of 40). Not my best finish...but also not my worst, and at least I didn't get last! Time to step up the training and get ready for American Ninja Warrior!


I did apply to be on the next season of American Ninja Warrior, but now it's just a waiting game. There's no qualifying for the show. You've got to fill out an online application, submit a video, then wait for the call!

If I get the call and get chosen, but it's a big if, I'll most likely be competing in Dallas, TX. The filming cities and dates are below! I'll keep you updated

American Ninja Warrior 2018

Los Angeles, CA: Universal Studios back lot, March 6-7

Dallas, Texas: Fair Park, March 25-26

Miami, Florida: Bayfront Park, April 13-14

Indianapolis, Indiana: Monument Circle, April 29-30

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Richmond Power Plant, May 11-12

Minneapolis, Minnesota: US Bank Stadium, May 25-26

Tight Pants

Tight Pants

What up! I'm Tight Pants...and yes that's my name. Kansas born and raised.Hosting the #TightPantsParty from 7p-12a every week night! Tight Pants (the person) Facts:-I'm not good at growing facial hair. -I'm a coffee snob/fanatic, but I only drink... Read more


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