Each State's Most Googled Relationship Questions

Have you ever went to Google seeking relationship advice? Seems a bit odd to me...but it is 2019 and the Internet rules everything!

CenturyLink conducted research to find the most googled relationship question in every state. So now you can find out if your peers are going through the same relationship ups and downs that you are.

Worried everyone’s in a happy relationship but you? Never fear: the most commonly googled relationship-based search in the nation was “how to break up.” - CenturyLink

See the map below, and click for the full article

Each State’s Most-Googled Relationship Question
Tight Pants

Tight Pants

What up! I'm Tight Pants...and yes that's my name. Kansas born and raised.Hosting the #TightPantsParty from 7p-12a every week night! Tight Pants (the person) Facts:-I'm not good at growing facial hair. -I'm a coffee snob/fanatic, but I only drink... Read more


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